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Maria B M Basics MB-F24-509 Embrace Festive Elegance: The Two-Piece Organza Suit in Mint Green

A timeless composition meets modern allure in this captivating two-piece organza suit by Maria B M Basics MB-F24-509. Rendered in a refreshing mint green shade, this ensemble is sure to be the star of any festive gathering.

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Exquisite Details, Breathtaking Beauty:

  • Two-Tone Shimmer: The captivating shirt boasts a unique two-tone design, enriched with shimmering sequins and delicate tilla embroidery. The round neckline features a touch of tradition with dainty buttoned loop detailing.
  • Flowing Organza: The graceful silhouette is meticulously crafted from luxurious organza, offering a flowy and visually striking look. The cool mint green hue adds a touch of sophistication and cool vibrancy to the design.
  • Contemporary Chic: The suit is paired with contemporary culotte pants that exude an alluring look. Scintillating lace and pleat detailing on the hems add a touch of modern flair, making this ensemble perfect for festive occasions.

To Complement the Look: This transition emphasizes how the undershirt enhances the overall visual appeal of the outfit.

Designed for Comfort and Style: To complement the look, a sleeveless undershirt, crafted from breathable Pk Raw Silk, provides a smooth layer against the skin and complements the overall design.

A Timeless Investment:

This enchanting two-piece suit is a must-have for anyone who wants to celebrate in style and comfort. Maria B’s exquisite design combines rich tradition with modern elegance, making it a timeless investment for your festive wardrobe.

Please note: This garment is delicate and requires dry cleaning only. The model in the photo is wearing a size XS.


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