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Maria B M Basics MB-F24-613 Be the Star in This Dazzling Maroon Organza Ensemble

Turn heads in this captivating maroon outfit from Maria B M Basics MB-F24-613. This dazzling set features a stunning shirt crafted from shimmering poly organza and a comfortable, flowing undershirt made from breathable Pk Raw Silk.

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This maroon outfit will make you the star of the show!

The top is a flattering, regular fit and covered in cool details:

  • Modern Embroidery: The front has a trendy design with small embroidered patterns scattered across it. It’s a new take on traditional embroidery and adds a modern touch.
  • Sparkly V-Neck: The V-neck is decorated with shiny sequins, making it extra glamorous.
  • Extra Sparkle: A line of sequins along the front adds even more shine.
  • Unique Openings: There are loops with tassels on the sides that open from the armpit. These have pretty embroidered borders for an extra touch of style.
  • Elegant Sleeves: The full sleeves are decorated with the same cool embroidery and a border for a timeless look.

The undershirt is a comfortable, long maroon dress made from soft Pk Raw Silk. It flows nicely under the top.

This outfit is perfect for special events, weddings, or anytime you want to feel like a queen! Shine bright and feel confident in this dazzling look.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Color: Maroon
  • Top fabric: Poly organza (shimmery)
  • Undershirt fabric: Pk Raw Silk (soft)
  • Sequins on the V-neck and front border
  • Modern spray embroidery on the front and sleeves
  • Regular fit
  • Unique side openings with tassels
  • Long, flowing undershirt
  • Dry clean only
  • Model is wearing size XS (available in other sizes, check size chart)

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